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Quality Control 

Quality Control

ROYO Manufacturing focuses on producing uncompromising, high-quality  brush products to keep up with our clients’ high-standards and expectations. Alongside these products, our management and QC experts conduct rigorous design testing in adherence with the highest quality assurance metrics in the industry. In turn, this commitment to customer centric quality control and management helps our customers by eliminating errors and associated risks, while enhancing safety measures and production processes.

ROYO Manufacturing Maintains a City-of-the-Art Quality Control Lab

ROYO Manufacturing conducts rigorous quality assurance testing on brushes in our in-house quality control lab. Brushes and related components are tested against stringent quality measures to guarantee performance and compliance for the following metrics based on industry standards or specific requirements:

·         Stresses testing

·         Durability testing

·         Cleaning performance testing

·         Material testing

·         Hardness testing

·         Dimensional testing

Lot Control & Traceability - Brush Components and Packaging

Each ROYO Manufacturing product and package includes lot control markings and labeling. These unique numbers and barcodes help our customers easily identify specific brushes in the future, and if necessary, trace them back to their original manufacture date and location with ease.

ISO 9000 Certified Brush Company & Other Industry Certifications

ROYO Manufacturing is an ISO 9000 certified company. Our expert team adheres to the highest industry standards and practices in support of our clients’ business goals and requirements.

Additionally, ROYO Manufacturing can certify for our customers’ industry specifications, compliance requirements and when necessary, provide certification and test reports. We can certify to a variety of manufacturers’ standards including unique customer print specs.


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